Andreas Markakis

“Anna Roussos is an established fine art wedding and portrait photographer with a flair for beauty.

I chose one of Anna’s workshops to tap into that world and learn from her approach and style. When deciding on a workshop one always wonders about the level of sharing and knowledge transfer.

Anna Roussos was willing to share her every secret about technique, style, approach, network and anything one can come up with to ask about.

She thoroughly covered everything mentioned in her advertised announcement and then some.

On top of all that, Anna’s established network, enriched the workshop with an international level of vendors to make the styled sessions worthy of any publication.

A well worth investment in money and time spent with a true and passionate photographer embarking on a new journey of knowledge sharing.”


Jacobo Pachon photographer

 The One Day Workshop was an inspiring experience and I loved every minute of it.
Anna is an extremely talented photographer and she has so much knowledge to share. Being part of this workshop is not just about learning, as well helped to star a friendship with people who share love for photography, and as well creating a network you can communicate with when you have questions or ideas, and this alone is invaluable. This was a truly rewarding day and I hope one day in the future to be able to participate in another of Anna’s workshops.

“Both seminar and a creative retreat, my stay at The One Day Workshop with Anna Roussos was filled with inspiration and exercise in both photographic style and concept and marketing techniques for modern fine art photographers.
And all that placed in the stunning surroundings of Pyrgos Petreza and flawlessly executed by the styling team of Anna Sourbati, owner at the renowned The Even Co.
If you’re looking for a breeze of fresh inspiration do not hesitate a minute, the next workshop is just around the corner!’

Hanna Monika Cybulko


“I will start with a huge – Thank you Anna! It’s the least I can say, because thanks to Anna, I had the chance to be a part of this amazing “friendly workshop”.

It was a valuable experience to me.  The knowledge that was shared those days exceeded my expectations, the place was carefully chosen, the smiles more than a lot, and the whole planning process perfectly organized in every detail.

Anna showed me another aspect of wedding photography that affected me in a very positive way and will definitely help my progress in the wedding industry.

Do what you love and you will do it great, that is what I believe Anna does!”

Anna’s friendly workshop was pure elegance. I’ve read and watched Anna’s work, but this cannot be compared to the days we invested learning from Anna in Greece.

For 3 days, I was surrounded by wonderful people, industry professionals, soon to be friends and together we created. It was like a resort of growth, transition, and new friendships. Anna’s workshop pushed me to make huge changes and strides and have continued to grow as a result.

If you are reading this and potentially considering attending Anna’s friendly workshops…I encourage you to make that investment.




Anna’s friendly workshop was absolutely breathtaking. She truly inspired us with her airy images and guided us through romantic European scenery to an enchanted forest where she brought to life the meaning behind pure emotions captivated on film.

Anna masterfully created all of the beauty for us, from the styled details, the wonderful sceneries to the models. The level of effort and attention put forth by everyone involved in was extraordinary, everything was done with care and perfection to the detail.

And that’s what really matters and makes the difference in life after all, the small details.


Last year, I got the opportunity to take a small trip to Athens for the first time in my life.  I never had been to Greece, so this was a bit of a “discovery” to me, to see how life was in this nice southern country.

To make the trip even better, I decided to join the “friendly workshop” of Anna Roussos, one of Greece’s leading wedding photographers.

 Anna had set up this workshop in a very professional way and by doing this, she also attracted a nice group of (international) talented people.

The 3 days of this workshop, which was held in the lovely Collage art space, were filled with good lectures by Anna and other wedding professionals, combined with some nice shooting in and around Athens.

The entry-level of the workshop was kept low, not to frighten possible participants off being too much at a “beginner-level”.  On the other hand, more experienced professionals also had the possibility to get a nice amount of useful tips from Anna and the other lecturers and get some really nice results from the styled shoots which were set up.

I got more experienced in the business part of the job, which is also a huge part of the job.  I got to know a bunch of nice fellow photographers, all nice and talented people…  which I have seen growing a lot after the workshop.

When I got back home, I could look back on a successful trip to Athens, which was a very nice combination of a gorgeous city-trip and a great experience for my photography business!




A Friendly Workshop was the best thing i could do to broaden my knowledge in photography. I learnt so much about technique and how to get the results i wanted from my camera. Not only did Anna teach me so much more about my camera and how to use it ‘properly’ but she also explained about the wedding industry and what a typical wedding day would involve for the photographer. also about the lead up to the wedding and all the background work you would do to build your relationship with the couple.


everyday of the workshop we had a styled shooting which had been planned and arranged with models wearing wedding attire. this enabled us to practice our technique with our cameras and also get used to working with models asking them to ‘pose’ in certain ways. this really helped me with my confidence.


I would recommend anyone who would like to get into the wedding industry as a professional photographer or would just like to improve their photography skills to go on Anna’s next workshop. A brilliant, friendly and amazing photographer who has a lot of knowledge to share.