Are accommodations included?

No, accommodations are not included, but we will provide for each attendant  the list of possible accommodations with different price range and we will be glad to assist you throughout the booking of hotel if needed.

How to get to Santorini?

Most likely you will be travelling via Athens Airport. Flight from Athens to Santorini is only 35 minutes long. You can also travel to Santorini with the ferry boat from Athens, this trip is about 6 hours long. We will be sending you all travel options, so you can choose what suits you the best. 

For what levels of photographers this workshop is meant?

This workshop have been designed for all levels of photographers. You might be just  at the beginning of your photography carrier, or maybe you are thinking about total rebranding of your existing company or you are a photographer, who wants to have  a new experience and add some beautiful  photos from Santorini to his portfolio, you are all very welcome to this workshop!

What should I bring?

Your camera, lenses, film (if you are a film shooter), enough memory cards, laptop, your portfolio  and of course a big smile J

Can I use the photos I take for my portfolio? Can I submit them to the blogs?

Yes and yes! All the photos you will take during the workshop will be released for use in your portfolio. This is an amazing opportunity to build a new fresh look for your portfolio! Within 1 months since the workshop you will be able to submit the photos to the blogs. Just remember to mention that photos were taken at Santorini Workshop and please credit all the vendors involved. 

What is the payment procedure?

1000 EUR is a non refundable deposit payment which is required to secure a seat at the workshop. The remaining amount must be paid  in full before the Workshop begins.